Back to Cool Challenge #2: Strength

First of all, we want to extend a huge thank you for all of those who participated in the first week's Confidence Challenge. Remember, you can still participate in the first challenge in addition to this week's challenge for a shot at being this week's top scoring challenger and winning some awesome Strive goodies! This week's winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 29th.

The second week of the Back to Cool Challenge is centered around STRENGTH. Strength to us encompasses so much more than being physically strong, but strong in mind and body. The challenge this week will be centered around developing strength in both areas.


Mental Strength Challenge: Mindfulness

Mental strength is so important to thriving in every aspect of your life. In this challenge, the focus will be on mindfulness and how that plays a part in becoming stronger mentally.


Mindfulness Exercise (150 Points)

In this exercise, you will identify your current priorities and goals, recognize your recent achievements, and anticipate how you will cope with stress in your life through different exercises we'll go over in the physical challenge (below). 


Print this diagram and fill in the prompt bubbles. Feel free to be creative and decorate your diagrams however you like and hang somewhere where you'll see it every day. To submit your entry for this challenge, share a pic of your diagram tagging @strive_girl and using the hashtag #strivebtcchallenge. Make sure to include a blip about your favorite part of this exercise in the post.



Mindfulness Journal (150 Points)

Taking the last exercise a step further, this challenge is all about tracking your mindfulness, putting your thoughts on paper, and working through and overcoming conflict.

For this challenge, you will need to purchase a dedicated composition notebook and decorate the cover of the notebook including the phrase "My Mindfulness Journal." The purpose of this journal will be to write about your feelings, thoughts, priorities and progress--the goal being to stay better centered on the different facets that will help you stay grounded: concentrating on priories, self love, celebrating progress, and working through stress.

Submit your mindfulness journal entries by sharing a pic with your mindfulness journal tagging @strive_girl and including the hashtag #strivebtcchallenge in your post copy.

Meditation (50 Points)

Finding time to sit quietly, ponder, and clear your mind is really important. Find a moment this week to ponder in a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on the things that are most important. Allow yourself to let go of any negative feelings and doubts, by recognizing that these feelings aren't helping you build your mental strength. 

To submit your entry for the meditation challenge, share a picture of you meditating, tagging @strive_girl and using the hashtag #strivebtcchallenge in the body of the post.


Physical Strength Challenge


Push-up Contest (150 Points)

We want to see how physically strong you really are! Submit your entry for the push-up contest by tagging @strive_girl in a video of you doing push-ups, plus include the hashtag #strivebtcchallenge with an explanation of why being physically strong makes you feel good about yourself.


Yoga Challenge (150 Points)

Yoga is one of our favorite exercises to re-center our minds and relieve stress. For this exercise, we encourage you to find your "Chi" through completing a 20+ minute yoga workout. 

To submit your entry for the yoga challenge, take a picture or video of you performing or doing your favorite yoga pose and share tagging @strive_girl and using the hashtag #strivebtcchallenge.


Good luck, friends! We cannot wait to see your entries for this week's strength challenge! 

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