Back to Cool Challenge: Week 1 Confidence

The Back To Cool Challenge is designed to help you get back into a healthy mental and physical mindset for the upcoming school year. By the end of the four week challenge, you will better understand what behaviors and attitudes will help you be more successful, confident and cool going into your first day of school.

Being cool, by our definition, means you are confident, brave, hardworking, and a friend to all.

What exactly is the challenge, and how does it work?

Each Monday over the next four weeks, we will launch a new mental and physical challenge. Each challenge will have several prompts that you can participate in and submit your results, each prompt being worth a certain amount of points. Prizes will be awarded to the challenger with the highest amount of points at the end of each week! **Note: all submissions must be submitted by posting to your Instagram FEED not stories. Thanks!

Can I join the challenge anytime during the four week period?

Yes, you can join the challenge or complete any of the prompts anytime, your submissions just have to be posted between the dates 8/6-9/2. *If you are private, please DM a screen shot of your submissions so that we can track your points. A scoreboard will be posted via Instagram every Friday so that you can see who’s in the lead. Winners will be announced every Sunday.


Week 1 Challenge: Confidence
Mental Challenge

We believe self confidence to be an essential part of a person becoming the best person they can be! We want to see your confidence and self love shine through in this challenge!

Poster Submission [worth 250 points]

We want to know what makes you YOU!? Put on your artistic hats, because we want you to get artsy in this challenge. Feel free to use stickers, markers, pictures, magazines, etc.


1) Your name needs to be visible in the center of the poster

2) Write five words that describe you

3) Include five things you are good at

4) Identify five goals you are working toward getting this next school or training year

Submit your poster entry via Instagram by tagging @strive_girl in a picture of you with your poster and using the hashtag #striveBTCchallenge in the caption.

Self Affirmations [worth 100 points]:

When viewed or repeated often, self affirmations can help you make positive change toward overcoming mental blocks, negative thoughts and increasing self confidence!

Pick up a pack of sticky notes and write 15 positive thoughts or self affirmations and hang them on your bathroom mirror. Examples of self affirmations would be:

“I’m smart.”

“I’m a good friend.”

“I can do hard things.”

Submit your self affirmations entry via Instagram by tagging @strive_girl in a picture of you with your sticky notes and using the hashtag #striveBTCchallenge in the caption.

Physical Challenge

One’s confidence can greatly be impacted by living a healthy lifestyle.

A Mile In MY Shoes [250 Points]

This challenge is more than just running an entire mile, but an entire mile for YOU! We are challenging you to run the mile to clear your head and reset your mind. While you are running or walking, you should be focusing on your strength, listening intently at the sound of each stride and breath you are taking.

Submit your entry via Instagram by tagging @strive_girl in a picture or video of you during or after completing the run and using the hashtag #striveBTCchallenge in the caption.

Show It Off! [Max of 120 points]

Girl, we want to see your skills you rightfully are so proud of!

Submit your Show It Off! entries via Instagram by tagging @strive_girl in a video of you sticking a new skill with a blip on how long it took you to get the skill, what you had to overcome, or your excitment for getting the new skill. Make sure to also include the hashtag #striveBTCchallenge in the caption. **Note: Each entry for this challenge is worth a total of 30 points, but you can post up to four separate posts for a total of 120 points. Reminder: posts for this or any challenge have to be posted on or after August 6th.

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